What is Macedonia Film Commission?

Macedonia Film Commission was established in May 2016 as the independent non-profit association of the Macedonia film industry. Members include the leading producers of feature films, television, tv commercials and animation. The principal aim of the Macedonia Film Commission is to promote and develop Macedonia as a cost-effective, high-quality, competitive destination for international filmmaking, and to provide information and support to international filmmakers considering using Macedonia for their productions. The commission is therefore dedicated to expanding the film location and crew/business database, improving skills and services and generally fostering a film-friendly environment in the country.

Main goal for MFC existing is to be comprehensive place where domestic and foreign producers and filmmakers will be turn for quality information about locations, casting and services of film and TV production companies in Macedonia. Internal part of MFC is to collaborate with film industry and government institutions in Macedonia and promoting by the best examples in the world.

The Association is based on membership guarantee that it can be controlled by one company or some interest, it will give opportunity to all members collaboration for achieving film industry development in Macedonia. This will  enable economic benefit from foreign production companies who will open lot of work places that aren’t in film sector but they are like hotels, transportation, catering, insurance, bank services, etc. Part of membership will be lot of companies in this sectors.

MFC long-term goal is to work on international projects, and to trained large number of filmmakers, growth of the domestic production companies, raising the production services quality and promoting of Macedonia as location, regional center for film making and film education. MFC end goal  is by getting direct foreign investment to strengthen and modernize  macedonian cinematography so can open opportunity for domestic co-production projects and selling market of the cinematography, authors and filmmakers.

For completing goals, this main subjects are define in the Commission:

Promoting Macedonia in international filmmaking circles as destination for international film, TV and commercial production with the brand Film in Macedonia;

Support in making connection between domestic and international film and TV companies and filmmakers;

Making cooperation and contacts between members of the film industry, government institutions and other key organizations in the country and global;

Creating business environment in Macedonia witch allows to Production Companies and other to become sustainable business entities capable of creating and providing greater and more consistent level of production in Macedonia;

Giving lots of useful services to our members for more efficient working and development;

Developing the business environment of film industry across whole Macedonia witch implies implementation of standards and procedures in of obtaining licenses for filming;

Making communication and cooperation between public and private sectors including lobbying for better business conditions and attracting investment in Film and TV industry;