Who can be member in MFC?

Its regular members may include the individual and companies active in the production of fictional, animated, documentary, experimental, or commercial films, TV programmes, or photographs, and post-production companies, visual effect studios, equipment rental companies, and other companies, including hotels, restaurants, and rent-a-car companies, catering and transport companies, insurance and legal services, etc. Besides regular members who take active part in the activities of the Association, there exist the categories of associate members and honorary members which are described in more detail in the Statutes of the Association.

How to become member

All interested individuals and legal entities may send their membership application to info@mfa.org.mk directly or through other members of the Association, attaching the CV or an extract from the Business Register Agency, whatever is applicable, and recommendation by two members of the Association is required. The Management Board will decide on the membership application to become full members. The level of annual membership fee will be defined by the Management Board. For 2016 it amounts to 500 MKD for the individuals and 1500 MKD for companies.

Why to become a member?

Considering that MFC is a formal membership-based organisation, its members directly influence the structure and priorities of the organisation. The reason for the existence of the Association is to meet the needs of its members and thus its members need to be actively involved to ensure that it is successful in the development and implementation of the activities that promote the interests of the industry.

The members have the right to vote and be voted for the members of the Management Board, but primarily to take active part in the activities of the Association by participating at the annual general meeting and in working groups, as well as in all activities that the Association undertakes in view of achieving the goals of overall film sector.

The privileges of the members of the Macedonia Film Commission:

Publishing profile on promo webpage (soon)

MFC developing website that it’s enables you to fully present your services and references, and there is also a showreel which helps you to directly and properly communicate with the film professionals interested to work in Serbia. All viewers of the profile may contact the company in question directly or visit its website. A newly redesigned website has been launched with modern technical possibilities of website search and presentation which are now available.

Use of the location base webpage (soon)

MFC developing webpage that’s promote shooting locations in Macedonia. MFC members enjoy free access to the extensive gallery of photographs, contacts for obtaining the permits for specific locations, and an option to create a selection of locations for a specific projects.

Casting database website (soon)

MFC developing website where citizens in Macedonia can create profile with their info and pictures. MFC members will have free access on the webpage that will offer info of actors and stunts in Macedonia, and an option to create a selection of actors and stunts for a specific projects.

Software – Application (soon)

MFC developing software (app) webpage similar to Celtx were our members can write their screenplays, scheduling, breakdown sheets, budget (in Film Agency style), etc. In the application will be add option for screenwriters to offer their screenplay to production companies that will be able to bid for them. The App will be in few languages.

Database Webpage for review (soon)

МFC developing webpage similar to rottentomatoes.com where it will have database of macedonian movies, actors and filmmakers. Audience be able to rate the projects and publish a review for films, actors, filmmakers and production companies that will give real view what our audience want to see in cinemas or TV. Also special place on the webpage will be get professional reviewers.

Forwarding of contacts and queries

MFC is the first point where foreign clients come to obtain information about the production capacity in Macedonia. If your company provides a service that is mentioned in a query and this service is included in its profile, you will be forwarded the contact and, at the same time, the foreign client will be referred to you. All this will be done following the “golden rule” – on equal terms for all members of MFC.

Appearance and exhibiting at global markets

The costs of individual appearance at markets and festivals can be financially exhausting, but membership in MFC offer you the opportunity to appear at a stall at much lower costs or no costs at all. Even when you are not able to be physically present, the presence of MFC promotes all its members and presents their businesses to foreign clients, distributes promotional materials, establishes and maintains contacts with clients when you are not able to do it.

Support in dealings with government institutions

As an independent body composed of the professionals from the industry, MFC can have a say in the issues of interest for the industry, in solving the problems and building partnerships with public institutions. It builds a reputation of an unbiased body that speaks for the representatives of the industry. We are therefore here to make sure that your arguments are heard and to jointly appear before the institutions, services, and public companies with regard to the matters of logistic organisation of the production or preparation of production, thus making it easier for you to focus on satisfying the needs of your clients.

Networking with colleagues in the industry

MFC strives to add new contacts and enable its members to make new local and international partnerships. The participation in working groups and the bodies of the Association, training and educational programs create positive momentum and climate in local industry, and different modes of getting together, annual parties, MFC promotional events, and joint appearance at fairs and festivals, enable you to meet new colleagues and partners. The same as in any other industry, it is all about trust and partnership.

Networking with the companies outside the film industry

The concentration of film industry through MFC facilitates the establishment of partnerships with the companies which are suppliers of the services important for the business activity of film companies (catering, courier services, hotels and restaurants, public institutions, etc.). Thus, MFC makes this segment of the business easier for its members by providing for them direct contacts, favourable prices, free consultancy, or services. For a precise list of sponsor benefits, please contact MFC office any time.

MFC recommendation and support in searching for and establishing cooperation with foreign clients, film funds, etc.
The goal of MFC is to build the economic sustainability of international productions in Macedonia, encourage the creation of new jobs and the employment of local businesses in film, TV, and commercial production. Our role is to give the foreign clients best possible recommendations and professional advice while at the same time promoting our members and Serbian locations.

Educational programmes

Through active cooperation with its members, MFC strives to create and organize training in the areas of film production that are not covered by formal education or that concern film production but are not its core component.

Help for posting project on www.imbd.com

Seemingly small but significant benefit that enables you access to contacts and leads in the largest online database of film industry, absolutely free.

A set of free marketing material

Each member gets a set of Film in Macedonia branded marketing materials to give out to its partners. This means that you will be able to have available, without any further expenses, high-quality material that confirms the seriousness of the industry. Enabling you take the advantage of joint acquisitions and thus save on costs, MFC is always ready to offer the possibility of co-branding the promotional material with the members.

Welcome Film in Macedonia каталог

MFC prepared the Welcome Book for the clients and teams coming to Macedonia so as to make it easier for them to stay and find their way around town. All members may get this brochure free of charge for their guests and clients.

Support for visiting locations

МFC organize trip for locations review to clients who like use Macedonia as a destination for their projects, and to our members will give an opportunity to have direct contact 1 on 1.

Main goal for MFC existing is to be comprehensive place where domestic and foreign producers and filmmakers will be turn for quality information about locations, casting and services of film and TV production companies in Macedonia. Internal part of MFC is to collaborate with film industry and government institutions in Macedonia and promoting by the best examples in the world.

The Association is based on membership guarantee that it can be controlled by one company or some interest, it will give opportunity to all members collaboration for achieving film industry development in Macedonia. This will  enable economic benefit from foreign production companies who will open lot of work places that aren’t in film sector but they are like hotels, transportation, catering, insurance, bank services, etc. Part of membership will be lot of companies in this sectors.

MFC long-term goal is to work on international projects, and to trained large number of filmmakers, growth of the domestic production companies, raising the production services quality and promoting of Macedonia as location, regional center for film making and film education. MFC end goal  is by getting direct foreign investment to strengthen and modernize  macedonian cinematography so can open opportunity for domestic co-production projects and selling market of the cinematography, authors and filmmakers.